This is the right place to buy my newest typefaces:! And not only the typefaces, but also my book "From the Cow to the Typewriter: the (true) History of Writing", a sensational work that is making big waves in our (small) sector.

Old but Gold
You can buy a part of the typefaces i drawn in the past from the FontShop International and from the Linotype Library. Same names for the search engine: FF Matto, FF Letterine, FF Baukasten, FF Priska Serif (with the Little Creatures!), FF Cavolfiore, FF Forchetta & Coltello, FF Graffio, FF Mulinex, F2F Tagliatelle Sugo, F2F Mekkaso Tomanik, F2F Metamorfosi, F2F Provinciali, F2F Poison Flowers, F2F Allineato, AlePi, F2F Simbolico, Cool Wool, Cotton Club, Stone Washed, HaManga.

Custom & Special Typefaces
Custom and exclusive typefaces for companies may be ordered from my Design Studio Lion&Bee (for more infos send a mail hier).