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Martí Guixé
Fernando Adam
Inga Knölke
Fran Beaufrand+Aaron
Marco Montiel-Soto
Studio Manuel Reader
Igor Mishiev
Victor Hugo Irrazabal
Frederick Vidal
Jose Antonio Fernandez
Tina Winkhaus
The Other Gods
Jorge Pizzani
Alessio Leonardi
Luis Cobelo
MUU Blanco
Cornelius Perino
Corina Lipavsky
Jaime Gili
Dedo Ciego
Ivoly Noguera
Tita Beaufrand
Thomas Noya
Carolina Bousquet
Juri Gerber
Atelier De Yavorsky
Saint James
Yvan Martinez/
  Joshua Trees/
  Krister Olsson
Andres Landino
Cae Gonzales


APARTACO (Venezuelan word for: Apartment, dwelling, or meeting place) serves as inspiration for this spontaneous gathering among friend, whose works will be presented during the Berlin Gallery weekend 2024.

During 4 consecutive days we bring together a mixed group of artists and designers from the Berlin community, along with international artists and friends, in an informal and relaxed gathering of talents. The temporary space will serve as stage for the presentation of selected works from both galleries to a general audience, with the intention of fostering an experimental social platform, conducive to the exchange of ideas and experiences and in a spirit of celebration.

Taking place in a short-term rental unit, and divided into the specific areas of an apartment, which will be transformed into a project space, where a temporary group exhibition and events will take place, showcasing site specific installations, digital and analog works and printed material by a mixed group of artists, spanning a wide range of different generations, styles and backgrounds.

Organised by Agustin Acevedo Landaluce, the selected works question the archetypical idea of urban dwellings, specifically the APARTMENT, it’s compartmentalisation as a living and social space, ways of misappropriation and It’s possible uses and requirements as the specific configurations and needs are exchanged and replaced or even integrated into hybrid forms that form part of a larger complex system. While maintaining its character as apartment and placing art in a liveable context, juxtaposing the way art is presented in the traditional gallery space or booth, and exploring the boundaries between public and private borders and the role that art, design and architecture play in promoting the wellbeing of the residents in their immediate communities, the city and our globalised world.

As the curatorial and production approach loosely borrows from Octavi Rolfe’s concept Design without Project DwP, where improvisation and skills allow for the flow and creation of new opportunities and ideas, applicable to an ever changing city landscape, where living space has become scarce and political measures doesn’t seem to bring about any meaningful solutions.

Some of the artworks will be available for sale, others will be donated to charity, while others will only be exhibited.

Complementing the exhibition, Studio Manuel Raeder presents a selection of books by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE. The Studio, located on the ground floor, will open its doors to the public during the duration of the event.

WL Gallery Editions, and curated CD’s and Vinyl’s from Berlin label Karaoke Kalk round up the program.

Text kindly supplied by the organizers Weitenfeld Landaluce.



Here you can see two of some other pictures I realized for Weitenfeld Landaluce working on the shape of their logotype (WL).

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