Prof. Alessio Leonardi
HAWK FH Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
Fakultät Gestaltung
Kaiserstraße 43-45
31134 Hildesheim

Hildesheim is where I teach.

Since 2010 I am prefessor for visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim – a beautiful town that one can reach by train from Berlin in about 2 hours.

Kurse im Sommersemester 2014:
Illustrative Informationsgrafik: Designbüro
Grundlagen des Informationsdesign: Experiment+Information
Informationsdesign und Generative Gestaltung
Grundlagen der digitalen Visualisierung

Here some images taken from a documentary film by Cinzia Baraglia. That day I was presenting a new project to my students for the Winter Kurs 2013/2014.

All fotos: © 2013 Cinzia Baraglia.