From the Cow to the Typewriter
The (true) History of Writing

The Italo-German designer Alessio Leonardi presented “From the Cow to the Typewriter” with a lecture at the Typo Berlin 2004. The subject of this work is the history of writing and it is told in an unusual way: from the point of view of God, science and the author himself.
Richly illustrated (approx. 200 pictures) and written with real Italo-German humour, the book is sure to become a classic in the world of typography. And the reason for this is because:
“Everything is possible, even typography is fun!” (as quoted by Prof. Erik Spiekermann who kindly wrote the foreword.)

From the content:
_ Chapter one
The history of writing as taught by religion
(or) Writing history: God’s view
_ Chapter two
The history of writing as taught by science
(or) Writing history: research results
(or) Scientific findings
(or) Galloping through the research results
_ Chapter three
The history of writing as it could have been
(or) Writing history: Alessio’s view
(or) Theory in practice: Alberobanana



From the Cow to the Typewriter:
The (true) History of Writing

by Alessio Leonardi
2004, BuyMyFonts.com Editions,
Berlin, Germany
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Here some pages from the book.


God gave us writing.

Fertil Crescent: our alphabet were born in this region.

Things are sometimes complicated, but a good infographic can explain them easily.

How did the Romans come to the alphabet? They stole it, of course!

Alberobanana: how would our alphabet looks like if I had made it? Here you can see 3,000 years of developing of Alberobanana.

Alberobanana begins to conquer the world.

Not only our letters, but also our graphic design would look different if we were writing with an Alberobanana and not with the alphabet.


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