Change is in time!

Update: My typefaces family ist featured in the bestseller Calendar “Typodarium”.

If you are looking for a nice present for typo-nerds or someone who should become one, you can buy this calendar for 2024 at Verlag Hermann Schmidt or (maybe even better) in your favourite bookshop. Then throw away all the calendar sheets except the one for the 2nd May – I guess you know why :)

Change is in Typodarium_2024
Foto: Julien Fincker for Fontwerk.


BMF Change is now just Change!

The BMF Change typeface family that I realized and was used for corporate design the City of Berlin from 2008 to 2020 is now available under the new name “Change” at Fontwerk.com. There you will find more information and you will be able to test and buy the fonts.

Here you can see some of pictures of the Change in use.

Images copyright by: be.berlin.de, Erik Sylvester, Alessio Leonardi, Matthias Fischer.
Design of the different media by: Fünfwerken, WeDo and other.

The typeface family was used for posters, books, magazine, T-Shirts and everything you could imagine for a marketing campaign. Even on special issued coins and (the dream of all type designers) on the city dustbins!

The Change has also all the Glyphs* needed for writing quite all the languages using latin, greek and cyrillic letters.

(*) The fonts were realized using the Glyphs-App made by Georg Seifert and Rainer Enrich Scheichelbauer: thank you guys, great programm!

Change Language support

Some links to external websites for more, different, wrong, new or old informations:
Lion & Bee (our design studio).