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Even if the typeface has only a case, keyboard uppercase and lowercase letters differ in the structure of the form


The font contains several glyphs variations that can be combined to obtain fitting combinations.



Emilia Tubolare: A Typeface in Steel

In the world of typography, each font has its own story to tell. Emilia Tubolare is no exception, as it emerges from a unique blend of history, design, and innovation. Crafted by the talented Alessio Leonardi, this typeface finds its origins in the fascinating realm of tubular steel furniture, a domain that revolutionized the world of design and functionality.


“Stahlrohr Revolution!” is the title that sets the stage for this font’s debut. The book it graces delves into the rich history of tubular steel furniture, with a keen focus on the pioneering work of Kálman Lengyel, Marcel Breuer, and Anton Lorenz. These visionaries reshaped the way we perceive and interact with furniture, and Emilia Tubolare pays homage to their creative genius.


The very essence of Emilia Tubolare draws inspiration from the graceful curves and sturdy lines that define tubular steel furniture. Its letters echo the technical prowess required to bend steel into functional and aesthetic shapes. Each glyph is a testament to the ingenuity of those who dared to challenge conventional design norms, just as the pioneers of tubular steel furniture did.

One of the standout features of this typeface is its versatility. Alessio Leonardi has ingeniously incorporated variations of the same glyphs, making it a versatile tool for designing unconventional headlines that capture the essence of “Stahlrohr Revolution!” Whether you want to evoke the elegance of Marcel Breuer's iconic chairs or the utilitarian brilliance of Anton Lorenz's creations, Emilia Tubolare has you covered.

The name Emilia Tubolare itself exudes sophistication and craftsmanship, just like the furniture it pays homage to. “Emilia” hints at the grace and beauty inherent in tubular steel designs, while “Tubolare” firmly anchors it to the core material that inspired its creation. It's a name that resonates with the history and purpose of the typeface.

As the creator behind this remarkable font, Alessio Leonardi has demonstrated a deep appreciation for design history and an acute understanding of the power of typography to convey a message. Emilia Tubolare not only adds a visual layer to “Stahlrohr Revolution!” but also becomes a narrative bridge between the past and the present, reminding us of the enduring impact of innovative design.

In conclusion, Emilia Tubolare is not just a typeface; it’s a testament to the evolution of design and the indomitable spirit of those who challenged the status quo. It brings the world of tubular steel furniture to life on the cover of “Stahlrohr Revolution!” and invites readers to explore a history that is as dynamic as it is inspiring. Alessio Leonardi’s creation stands as a fitting tribute to the pioneers of tubular steel furniture and an invitation to discover the power of design to change the world.

This text was kindly written by Chat GTP – I just gave some true information about the work and it created the rest.


Here you can see some some of the glyphs of the Emilia Tubolare.

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