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"First Friends Of The Italian Opera List Convention Live In North Italy At The Border With Austria"

14.00_ First contact of the Members with the other Members.
14.30_ Medical visit with Dr. Stranamore.
15.30_ Coffee break. Walk in the Mountains.
16.30_ Regeneration: Computer Games.
17.00_ Opening speech: "Welcome to All The Members here in The Mountains" by Albert "Formula" Pinggera
17.30_ "The Italian Opera and Her Friends" by Prof. A.F. Pinggera
17.35_ "The Friends Of The Italian Opera and She" by Paolo Conte
17.40_ Intermezzo: "Piano Solo with Guitar" by Paolo Conte
17.42_ "The Alpi Mountains and Their Influence on The Italian Opera" by Paolo Conte
17.45_ Coffee Break. Walk in the Swimming Pool - like a Jesus on the Dead Sea or like Tommaso Marzolino on the riff
18.00_ "The Italian Opera and Her Influence on The Alpi Mountains" by Paolo Conte
18.30_ Rescue of the not swimming Members.
Ethernal Life for a few of them.
18.45_ First "Marguerita" on the rocks (of the Mountains).
19.00_ Second "Marguerita", but not on the rocks (too dangerous...).
19.05_ Simultaneus Speeches of all the Members:
"The Red Sea is not that Red if you stay on The Riff", by Pr.Dr. Tommaso Marzolino
"Foot-Ball and Foot-Opera: The Brasilian Way" by Pelè
"Martire and Italian Foot-Ball: What is Hotter?!" by Johanna d'Arc (Quotenfrau, nothing really interesting)
"Ephistemologie of The Neutrality Of The Friends Of The Italian Opera concerning The Newest Research about The Transmigration of The Spirit Of Giuseppe Verdi To The Mail Box Of The Honoured Member Albert "Formula" Pinggera" by Dr. Alessio Leonardi (real cool)
"Lambs don't cry: They Sing!" by Amy Lamm Ramsey
"Typoman at The Opera: Friend or Foe - And The Reason O" by Enrico di Val Blocchia

20.00_ n.th Marguerita
20.05_ Opening Speech for the Second Day: "The Role and The Rules of The Friends Of The Italian Opera Mail List: The Community Ask, I Answer" by Albert "Formula" Pinggera.
20.15_ Closing Speech:"How Many Margueritas before i go?!" by Bob Dylan, special guest, not invitated surprising partecipation. Paolo Conte play the Piano. Albert "Formula" Pinggera mix the last Margueritas.
20.25_ Dr. Stranamore begin his Work with all The Members - or what remains of them.

© 1998 The Friends Of The Italian Opera