Das transdisziplinäres Symposium N°3

Mr. Typo is now Sr. Typo!
The spanish translation of my last book is ready!

Das transdisziplinäres Symposium N°2

A technical revolution: we are now totally true digital®!

Old cows make good letters: a lecture at Circle 1.

My very first lecture in San Marino!

A digital “hello!” for the Page.

A new experience:
Moderation and live drawing at the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

Now also in english available: The Wilhelm Deffke Book!


Maybe the first Typo-Graphic Novel ever: Mr. Typo is back!

The Quiz for the Typo!
Please, click here to download the PDF.

Alessio is Professor at the HAWK in Hildesheim.

Working on a new typeface family: BMF Deffke Headline.

International competition for the new branding for Bologna: I was member of the jury
(November 2013).

BMF Comicale Flip: a lively handwritten typeface family.

Communication and orientation system for the ZLB.

Nostalgic? Go to my old site!